Maxine Mawhinney returns to Belfast for TEDxStormont

Belfast born Maxine Mawhinney is most well known for being one of the most recognisable faces in news broadcasting and journalism for the BBC amongst others. As well as her illustrious television career, Maxine is also a highly sought after host, facilitator, moderator and keynote speaker and she will be returning to Belfast on 2nd November 2017 to take part in the annual TEDxStormont Women event.

Earlier this month, Maxine hosted the 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner for the Integrated Education Fund (Northern Ireland) at the Europa Hotel in Belfast. The Integrated Education Fund is continually striving to build a shared future for children in Northern Ireland to attend school and learn in an environment that celebrates religious and cultural diversity.

Maxine was appointed Ireland Correspondent for Sky News began 1988 which meant she returned to Northern Ireland during a turbulent period in The Troubles, when diversity was feared and not celebrated. She reported on the violence of bombings and shootings as well as political and economic progress north and south of the Irish border. Therefore the Integrated Education Fund is definitely a cause that is close to not only the community’s heart but also for Maxine herself.

Maxine Mawhinney at the IEFNI Gala Dinner;

Maxine Mawhinney will make a return to her home town of Belfast on November 2nd 2017 to speak at the highly successful annual TEDxStormont Women event. The event coincides with the main TEDwomen event which is being held this year in New Orleans.  The theme for this years conference is ‘Bridges’ and the event will be hosted in the beautiful surroundings of Northern Ireland’s Parliament Buildings at Stormont. Tickets and info are available here

Maxine Mawhinney at TEDxStormont

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