Jordon Cox can help your employees save during the Cost Of Living crisis

Jordon Cox aka The Coupon Kid holding money saving coupons and a wad of money

Jordon Cox is overwhelmed with requests for new tips on how to save during the cost of living crisis.

These requests are coming in people who have read the news, paid more at the pump and seen everything from milk to a McDonald’s cheeseburger go up in price.

He is also being booked by forward thinking corporations and organisations, large and small, who want to help their employees try and avoid spending too much.  Jordon delivers speeches and Q&A sessions to audiences large and small, and to all levels of employees be they shop floor or management.  His tips are invaluable and he has a wonderful warm and informative delivery.

Jordon says “It’s very understandable that people are worried about the cost of living. Unfortunately, I can’t snap my fingers and make all the problems go away, (I wish I could). What I can do however, is offer tips, tricks and advice to people who might be struggling.

I’m known as Britain’s Coupon Kid, and it’s my job to hunt for deals, find new ways to save money and test every cashback site, coupon and voucher to make sure the public can shave £1,000s off their bills.

The standard advice that you might hear like ‘keep a budget’ or ‘switch to a discount supermarket’ are all well and good – but it’s not the practical advice that people need right now.

There are lots of money saving websites, apps and resources for people to use to save money on everything in their day to day lives, that perhaps aren’t as well-known as they should be.

That’s what I teach. Finding those clever hacks that make you go ‘ohh’ – and lightens the burden on your wallet at the same time. Not only will this help all your employees, but you may even pick up a few tips yourself!

Unfortunately, this blog can’t be an hour long to tell you everything you need to know, so here are just a few tips to hopefully bring down the cost of your everyday spending, that you might not have known about:”

Here are some of Jordon Cox’s most valuable tips

Cutting The Cost Of Fuel

Although prices of petrol and diesel are now slowly coming down – it’s still good to save money on filling up a tank.

Luckily there is an app called Petrol Prices, that can be downloaded on iOS & Android devices.

This app shows you all of the petrol stations nearby to you, and tells you which is cheapest. If you can get to a cheaper pump, it could be saving you 5-10p per litre every time you fill up.

This may not sound like much, but over a whole year, it could mean £100s off your petrol bill.

Coupons For Freebies In The Supermarket

There is a way for you to get high value coupons in the supermarket – saving you £100s on your grocery shop. It’s all to do with writing to your favourite brands.

Companies love your feedback – both good and bad. It may sound crazy, but sending companies a nice email about how much you love them, may actually result in freebies or high value coupons sent straight to your door.

The more effort you put in, the better. Whether it’s a poem or a drawing, companies can use this as content for their social media… and in return, will send you something for you time.

I once wrote a love poem to Innocent Drinks that took me five minutes on a Sunday night. My time paid off, because just a week later, I had £20 worth of coupons in the post for free smoothies.

Just think of the amount of freebies and coupons you could get back with just a little bit of effort put in when you get a free moment.

Passive Cashback On High Street Shopping

I understand the urge to have a mooch down the shops, despite it not being the most essential of purchases.

Whether it’s Boots, Primark or River Island, you can save money in shops like these and many others without lifting a finger.

Airtime Rewards is a cashback app, that has 100s of high street retailers onboard. Once you’ve linked your credit & debit cards, if you spend money at any of the retailers listed with a linked card – you earn cashback directly into your account.

You don’t need to do any extra work, and could earn you £100+ in cashback throughout the whole year.

Save By Booking ‘Secret’ Hotels

Some websites offer you the chance to stay at hotels for a cheaper price by telling you the area and star rating of the hotel – but not the name of it.

These are called ‘secret hotels’. But in reality, if you know what you’re doing… they’re not so secret after all!

You can usually figure out which hotel they’re talking about by checking key items in the hotel description, and having a little Google.

One hotel I found in Central London boasted about a ‘Cathedral View room’ (big hint), in a hotel that had an indoor swimming pool and 3 restaurants.

The Leonardo Royal London St Pauls hotel came up straight away when Googling those exact queries… and was 25% CHEAPER for being a ‘secret hotel’.

A bit of time and sleuthing here could save you £100s on your hotel and holiday stays.

Walking Down The Road Can Cut Your Restaurant Food Bill

If there is ever more than one of the same chain of restaurant in your town or local area, check the prices online before you go.

Some restaurants, although the same brand, operate different menu prices on some items of food – meaning you could be paying more for your plate, than someone down the road would.

One example is Wetherspoons in Durham. There are two restaurant/pubs 0.4 miles away from each other. If you dine at the wrong one (expensive one), a British Beef Chilli will cost you £2 more (about 30% extra) than the other… for a 5 minute walk.

Jordon Cox aka The Coupon Kid on Stage at the end of a speech

If you would like to discuss Jordon Cox in more detail please contact [email protected] as he will be able to help everyone in some form or other because small savings can make a big difference.

He will share how incorporating little tricks and hacks like these where people can, could result in £100s or even £1,000s worth of savings throughout the year.

Employee’s wellbeing when it comes to money should be an even bigger focus in these current times.

And while Jordon Cox doesn’t have all the solutions, anything to ease the burdens and stress can go a long way.


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