Game of Thrones is over

 I don’t like Games of Thrones but my husband does

Fred Harris and Sylvia Tidy-He loves Games of Thrones and she has never watched it - never will eitheropeGame of Thrones has ended but my my one hour of peace and quiet might not have disappeared.

My husband Fred Harris and the Financial Director of Tidy Management is a massive fan of Game of Thrones.  Whilst I on the other hand make sure I am the furthest away from the TV.  I don’t want to hear or see the blood and guts.  So I have never seen an episode and he loves it so much he is going to watch it again from the start. This is both a good and a bad thing.  Last time he binge watched it to catch up after series three  I had every evening free for 10 days.  And  the fabulously talented author Millie Johnson sent me all her wonderful books.  They are terrific.  This meant  I sat content in the den whilst he and and my niece Scarlette Tidy, watched the episodes back to back over a 10 day period.

What to read whilst Fred is watching Games of Thrones

The main concern for me this time around is not that he will disappear for evenings on end.  I am far more concerned about what will I have to read this time.  I need about ten books as it will take him an age to watch every episode of the eight series of Game of Thrones.  and they have to be fun and enjoyable.  They need to leave me with the feel good factor.  No gore or battles, science fiction or period drama. 

Reading brings me such joy – my dad started me very early and I remember always buying books way ahead of my age.  I was caught reading Virgin Soldiers by my father’s great and late friend, the author Leslie Thomas, when I was barely a teen.  I read Edna O’Brien, Ernest Hemingway and Somerset Maugham not long after.   English and English Literature were my passion at school but I struggled with the classics.  A book has to catch my attention and I can’t explain why something does when another doesn’t.  I’ve read Cancer Ward by Solzhenitsyn and the Dice Man by Luke Reinhardt.  My favourite books are The Villa De San Michele by Axel Munthe, Herr Benny by Silias K Hocking and Beyond the Blue Horizon by Alexander Frater.   There are so many more but those stand out as being very special to me.

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I’ve asked on my linked in, instaram and twitter profiles for book recommendations so if you have any please let me know.  I would also love to know what you do when your other half or the rest of the house is watching GoT.  I’m on Twitter @sylviatidyharri and on Instagram as @sylviatidyharris and @sthmgt.  If you have any suggestions please give me a shout.


By Sylvia Tidy-Harris –  Founder and managing director of Tidy Management

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