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Wendy Turner Webster looking stunning in lime green and sipping out of a Crafty Beggars Mug on Set at Create and Craft
TV Presenter, Author and Speaker Wendy Turner Webster is passionate about crafting, animals and bring a stop to domestic violence.

Wendy Turner Webster is a hugely talented TV presenter, speaker, event host, writer and conference facilitator. She is also co presenter of the TV series Crafty Beggars and Crafty Beggars In The House! which celebrates upcycling, recycling and generally turning ordinary and unwanted items into something wonderful!  Many will remember Wendy presenting C4’s Pet Rescue for seven years and her passion for animals continues to this day with new animal skewed programming happening very soon. She remains passionate about animal protection and is Vegan.  Wendy is also a huge supporter of Refuge speaking out on the horrors of domestic abuse – she was a victim herself during her first marriage but is now very happily married to actor Gary Webster.


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Wendy Turner Webster’s television career began at ‘Live TV’ working as a news reporter for the sports desk and fashion desk and later hosting her own shows; Videobox (film reviews) and Revelations with Nina (psychic phone-in). Before TV Wendy worked for 5 years in commercial radio, writing and producing commercial scripts and fronting on-air features such as film, travel and book reviews. She also wrote for magazines including OK! and Honda Pride.  Her passion for animal welfare made her an obvious choice to host Channel 4’s prime time show Absolutely Animals; a hard hitting investigative format which was filmed worldwide. This show was a fore-runner to Pet Rescue which Wendy hosted for 7 years. Pet Rescue went out daily and was consistently one of the highest rated daytime shows across all channels. Spin-offs from Pet Rescue were The Pet Rescue Roadshow and Family Pet Rescue.  Wendy’s other TV successes include the BBC1 Saturday night series Your Kids Are In Charge, which she presented along with her sister, Anthea. Wendy also presented several episodes of The Last Word, a late-night debate show for Central and filmed 60 episodes of the hit children’s show You Do Too for Nickelodeon. She also took part in the major BBC documentary about domestic violence, Hitting Home.

Wendy has been co presenting and co producing Craft Beggars and Craft Beggars in the House! since November 2014 with her business partner, the actress and presenter Julie Peasgood. The first series Crafty Beggars was aired and repeated on Discovery’s TLC, where in each episode two couples hit the town with a meagre £20 budget and a box of basic craft essentials – in order to beg, buy and borrow the items they need to make ingenious crafty creations. Crafty Beggars in The House! appears on The Community Channel. It Premiered on March 1st and goes through to the end of May 2016 with another series in production…….! Julie and Wendy created the Crafty Beggars brand to bring the art of crafting into the 21st Century. The appeal of crafts, both buying and creating, has increased tenfold over the last decade as a result of the austerity that has affected the global market and because people are becoming increasing aware that they are capable of designing, creating and making something that is useful and artistic at the same time. Some do it for themselves but many do it for gifts and many a small business has been created so people can sell their crafts.

Wendy published a novel in collaboration with the charity Refuge entitled The End of Emily West – a story based upon her own experiences of domestic violence during her first marriage. Her children’s books, Underneath the Underground and Further Tales were published by The Book Guild and Penguin Paperbacks. Her cookery book, The Absolutely Animal Free Cook Book was also published by The Book Guild. She has just completed a thriller entitled Burnt Wood Farm as well as a children’s novel, A Sky Full of Scaffolding.

Her pantomime credits include Cinderella, Goldilocks, Robin Hood and Aladdin. It was whilst playing Maid Marion that Wendy fell in love with her Robin Hood, actor Gary Webster. They married in 1999 and have two boys, Jack (15) and Freddie (12).

Wendy Turner Webster does not eat or wear animals and is proud to be a Patron of – The Vegan Society, The Vegetarian Society, The Humane Research Trust, Viva!, The Born Free Foundation, Birdline, The Horse Refuge, Secret World Wildlife Rescue, Chance Pixies, Rotherham Women’s Refuge and Animal Lifeline.  Wendy also campaigns for Animal Aid, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, The International Fund for Animal Welfare, The Brooke Horse Hospital, Wetnose, Refuge, Animal Defenders International, The Mayhew Animal Home and International Animal Rescue, amongst others!



TV & Radio

Craft Beggars – TLC
Crafty Beggars in the House – Community Channel
Absolutely Animals – C4
Pet Rescue – C4
Pet Rescue Road Show – C4
Family Pet Rescue – C4
Your Kids are in Charge – BBC1
Last Word – ITV
You Do Too – Nickelodeon
Hitting Home – BBC


The End of Emily West (in collaboration with the charity Refuge.

Underneath the Underground (Published by the Book Guild and Penguin Paperback)

Further Tales (Published by the Book Guild and Penguin Paperback)
The Absolutely Animal Free Cookbook (published by the Book Guild)

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