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Former detective inspector, Steve Keogh investigated over 100 murderers. He now shares the vast knowledge he built up through his books, TV presenting, public speaking and corporate training. His series, ‘Secrets of A Murder Detective’ is showing on the True Crime TV Channel.

Steve is in demand by companies who are keen to find out how they can adopt some of the skills he learned in the Police and in particular decision making which he does in speeches and masterclasses. He is also called upon for his expert commentary in the media on a regular basis.

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Author, Broadcaster, Expert, Podcaster, Presenter, Speaker.


Broadcaster, Crime, Law, TV Presenter.

Steve was a police officer with London’s Metropolitan Police for 30 years, with over half of that time spent as a Scotland Yard detective, investigating murder and terrorism.

Now retired from the force, he has had two books published by Bonnier Books UK. His first book, Murder Investigation Team: How Killers Are Really Caught, allows the reader to step inside the mind of an investigator in a never-before-seen look into what it takes to catch killers and bring them to justice. His second book, Murder Investigation Team: Jack the Ripper, is a fresh, new assessment of the unsolved Whitechapel murders, from a modern-day police expert.

Steve provides consultancy to film, TV, and documentary makers, helping to make our favourite police procedurals as close to the real thing as possible. In addition Steve is  regularly used to appear on screen as an expert in True Crime documentaries.

Secrets of a Murder Detective

He has developed a style that allows him to share his knowledge on complicated subjects, in an easily understandable way. Furthermore, he presents his own TV series, Secrets of a Murder Detective, on the True Crime TV channel, where he takes viewers deeper into what it is like to investigate this most serious of crimes.

His most recent venture is the provision of online courses for crime writers, to help provide authenticity to their stories. Steve is also a public speaker on topics that stem from his experiences as a detective. He covers areas such as how murders are investigated and why people kill, as well as how the skills used to solve these crimes can be used for the benefit of businesses, through improved decision-making, problem-solving, teamwork and communication.

He provides team training and workshops to businesses, offering a unique opportunity to employees, who will take away skills to enhance productivity through an engaging and thought-provoking experience.


Speech Tiles

How Murder Are Really Investigated

Steve delves deep into how murders are investigated, dispelling some of the myths that have built up around this fascinating subject.

Why People Kill

Steve has developed an understanding of what drives people to kill, providing a solution that is much simpler than most people believe.

How Skills from Murder Investigations Can Improve Business Productivity

Steve believes that skills used to catch killers can be equally beneficial in the workplace, such as problem-solving, decision-making, teamwork and communication.

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  • ‘Steven Keogh was extremely knowledgeable and put the information over very well. I made loads of notes and have now bought his book’.
  • ‘The presenter was enthusiastic about his area of expertise and was clear and good pace’.
  • ‘Very comprehensive introduction to police work’.
  • ‘Solid first-hand information – for anyone including a murder in their book – presented clearly and very entertainingly. Steven Keogh is a first-class speaker’.
  • ‘The speaker covered all the important points. The slides were well thought out and the material was useful for my written work’.
  • ‘Very informative and interesting talk’.
  • ‘Fascinating and very practical talk delivered by someone who really knows what they are talking about’.
  • ‘Relaxed but very informative, by an engaging speaker’.
  • ‘It was incredibly useful for me as a crime writer. Steve was a brilliant and clear presenter, and the content was excellent’.
  • Steve was fascinating, reflective and entertaining. The feedback I received from the audience was fantastic.
  • The feedback I am getting is wonderful – I will come knocking at your door again!
  • Many thanks for doing such a great job with such short notice.

TV Shows

  • Secrets of a Murder Detective – True Crime – all episodes
  • Killer at the Crime Scene – Channel 5 – Season 3 ep.2/ Season 3 ep.10/Season 3 ep.11
  • What the Killer Did Next – Sky Crime – Season 1 ep.1
  • The Killer in My Family – Amazon Prime TV – Season 4. Ep. 2
  • The Murder of Sarah Everard: A Faking It Special – Discovery Plus
  • ITV News London
  • This Morning – ITV
  • Mark Dolan Tonight – GB News

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