Sonia Beldom

Sonia Beldom is a TV consultant and the creative brain behind “Victoria’s Empire” with Victoria Wood, “The Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure”, “Panic Mechanics” with Trevor Nelson and David Suchet’s “Music Hall Hero”. A much in demand speaker on the subject of mental health Sonia is also the creator of This is the hit mental health blog about growing up with her hilariously embarrassing mum who was finally diagnosed with six mental health conditions at age 80.

Since starting her blog Sonia has also been in demand as a broadcaster on living with a mentally ill mother, surviving the world’s most embarrassing situations her mum put her through.

She is passionate about discussing what it is like for young carers who have to deal with mentally ill parents and also how to recognise and support people who are dealing day-to-day with family, friends or colleagues suffering from mental health.   Sonia knows first-hand how hard it is to deal with your own mental health issues when those around you appear to be suffering more. Sonia is a media volunteer for MIND and soniasmum is soon to become a book.

She also has a wealth of anecdotes on her career in TV, especially working with some of the world’s biggest stars including Liza Minnelli, Joan Collins, Richard E. Grant, Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington.

Sonia is a media and communications trainer and has run creative away days for corporate clients, TV companies such as Endemol, Shine & BBC Studios. She is also a popular creative facilitator.

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Broadcaster, Motivation & Inspiration, psychology & mental health awareness Facilitator, Host, Moderator, Speaker

Read more about Sonia Beldom really took off after Jeremy Vine followed the blog and invited Sonia onto his BBC Radio 2 show.  She talked about what it was like growing up with an unstable, embarrassing and funny mother.  A woman who, like many others in the 60s and 70s went undiagnosed and unsupported with their debilitating mental health issues.

When she came off air, she was inundated with people who were laughing and crying at her stories. People wanted to share their own experiences and her website nearly crashed with close to half a million hits.

She has been interviewed by Maxine Mawhinney for “The Moment” and regularly co-hosts a family relationship show on Radio Las Vegas.

Sonia has enjoyed a varied and successful career in television ideas creation, including being part of the team to bring “An Idiot Abroad” to SKY 1, devising Victoria Wood’s “Victoria’s Empire” for BBC1, “The Hairy Bikers Great Mississippi Adventure” and Trevor Nelson’s “Panic Mechanics” for BBC2.  She currently casts celebrity shows including “Eight Go Rallying”, “Celebrity Eggheads” and “Tour de Celeb”.  She has run TV development teams for BBC Entertainment, Tiger Aspect, Mentorn and ITN Factual.  She now runs creative workshops for BBC Studios, Endemol and Shine.  In her spare she Sonia drives classic red routemaster buses through London,  plays in a piano duo with her husband Tony Clout and is a media trainer for CEOs, creative companies and VIPs wanting to improve their public speaking.

Sonia is in great demand as a media trainer and runs courses on presentation and pitching skills, camera confidence, personal branding and improving personal confidence.   She is proud to have been part of the success for the HECK sausage empire, run courses for BBC Studios, Shine International and has coached clients in many of the leading arts organizations including The Royal Opera House, The National Theatre, The Royal Shakespeare Company, D&AD, UKTheatre and within the corporate sector including Knight Frank, The RNIB & Citizen’s Advice.

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