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Travel presenter Rob Staines in front of the Golden Gate BridgeRob Staines is a fresh, unique presenter redefining the title of Travel Expert. Merging exploration and industry expertise he has become a well-known broadcaster, commentator and contributor to the British Media. He is also a regular face across the BBC as an ongoing Travel Expert for Rip Off Britain. Incredibly well travelled Rob has visited over 70 countries from Angola to Argentina, Saudi Arabia to Singapore.

A diverse face in a niche world of Travel Experts, Rob has the ability to connect and engage with a variety of audiences. Sharing his  expertise which is derived from a place of genuine knowledge. He has a true grasp of the challenges travel can pose globally and aims to make it accessible and enjoyable for all.

Rob Staines says “There is a beautiful, enriching world with a beating heart out there, and I want to help you to see it too.”

Rob is a genuine peoples person with a deeply inquisitive nature and a zest for life. Known for his solid knowledge of consumer rights and the travel industry, he’s a fun, down-to-earth and relatable character . Furthermore he is skilled at providing commentary and advice in response to breaking travel news stories.

“I had great fun working with Rob on a stylised series that ran within a popular BBC1 consumer show. Full of ideas and enthusiasm, Rob was quick to respond and engage during development. On set, he’s prepared and easy to direct. Rob is wonderfully charismatic and likeable both on and off camera – I look forward to working with him again!”

Rebecca Murden Producer/Director


Expert, Host, Presenter, Speaker.


Broadcaster, Diversity, Motivation & Inspiration, Property, Travel, TV Presenter.

Rob Staines TV Presenter on the set of Rip Off Britain

Rob Staines grew up in Southampton and genuinely  dreamed of far off lands. He knew he wanted to experience new things and discover the world he had heard so much about in his geography lessons.

Having lacked the opportunities to travel as a child, he decided to set about carving a career in travel, initially working in hotels and hospitality. However he had his eyes focused on something much more specific and that was aviation.  This has led to him connecting with  people from various cultures and backgrounds during his extensive travels around the globe.

Since the pandemic he has established an extensive media background. This has resulted in him constantly embarking on exciting new projects and developing content for various outlets.

Rob Staines Media Background

He has become a regular face across the BBC as an ongoing Travel Expert for Rip Off Britain. Making a variety of travel segments for BBC One’s flagship daytime programme MorningLive, he is also regularly heard across various local and National BBC radio stations. His regular monthly slot on BBC Radio Solent is very popular with listeners and he produces his own weekly show on Travel.Radio.

Other TV and radio work includes Channel Five’s the Jeremy Vine Show, ITV News, BBC News, Times Radio, BBC Ulster, LBC and Virgin Radio Pride.

He’s writes various print and online articles for publications such as including The Independent, The Express, The Daily Mail, CityAM and Business Insider.

Rob has also contributed to podcasts such as the Evening Standard’s The Leader and award-winning Coming Out Stories

Whilst travel is his area of expertise, Rob has  a broad range of interests. Born from his exposure to the world, from politics and history, to food and drink, LGBTQI+ issues, music and dance, theatre and the arts. He holds a qualification in interior design with a keen interest in property…  When his feet are finally and firmly on the ground!

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