Nicholas Hunt

Nicholas Hunt is a writer, crime historian, mass shooting expert, broadcaster and fascinating keynote speaker. He is also the author of ‘I DON’T LIKE MONDAYS. This is the true story behind Americas first modern school shooting. The Boomtown Rat’s song of the same name was based on the story.  Based in the UK, Leigh was born in South Africa, grew up in San Diego. A  member of the American Society of Criminology, he is considered to be a leading expert on the multiple school shootings and mass murders. Furthermore Leigh maintains an extraordinary relationship with many incarcerated mass murderers.


Author, Expert, Speaker.


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Nicholas Hunt is a South African born expert who specialises in mass shooting in the US and UK. These include the “I Don’t Like Monday’s” school shooting in 1979, Cokeville School Crisis in 1986, Rose-Mar College of Beauty shooting in 1966.

His formative years were spent in sunny California after moving from the UK. He started his career at a small radio station in Bay Area, California after attending university in San Diego and the Academy of Radio & Television Broadcasting. His first broadcast job was an intern at an alternative rock station in San Jose. He later produced talk shows, as well as presenting on several stations in Northern California.

Nicolas Hunt moved back to England in 1999 and has contributed to the BBC and many other large broadcasting corporations. He also became the director of a radio station in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and produces shows and podcasts for broadcasters in the  UK.


As the phenomena of school shootings accelerates, it is surprising that the information collected in his book had never been published before. It took years of interviews and research to accurately record what led up the horrifying event. Explaining how it unfolded, he also details the aftermath and lasting effects it has had on modern day America.

His first book,  was given the honourable mention at the True Crime Awards in 2023

He lives with his wife and three cats in Buckinghamshire but still think of San Diego as his hometown

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