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Maxine Mawhinney reading the news on the BBCMaxine Mawhinney is one of the most recognisable and experienced journalists and broadcasters in the UK. She is also a superb speaker and conference facilitator.  With an incredible career spanning more than 40 years Maxine has reported from across the world as well as anchoring many news programmes.  The sole presenter on BBC World TV when Princess Diana died Maxine worked singlehandedly throughout the night and was seen throughout the world announcing the tragic news.  She recently left the BBC after 20 years where she was one of the main presenters on BBC News, the BBC One national news bulletins at weekends and Dateline London for BBC World TV.

Maxine Mawhinney is an extremely sought after keynote speaker on a wide range of topics from talks reflecting her 20 years as a top BBC journalist and News Anchor covering global events, to inspirational and empowering speeches suitable for a wide range of audiences. She is also an extremely skilled interviewer making her an excellent moderator, facilitator and panel presenter across a myriad of topics.  Warm, knowledgeable and experienced Maxine is an excellent host for conferences and award ceremonies too.  From Belfast, Northern Ireland, Maxine has worked for BBC, Sky News, Ulster Television, Reuters TV, and ITN. She has lived and worked in Tokyo and Asia News Editor for Reuters TV and Washington DC for GMTV during the Clinton years.

In 2017 Maxine was confirmed as a senior faculty member at The Karoninska Institute in Stockholm on the Leadership and Communications programme.


Broadcaster, Education, Media & Journalism, Motivation & Inspiration, TV Presenter


Facilitator, Host, Media Trainer, Moderator, Presenter, Speaker

More about Maxine Mawhinney

Belfast born, Maxine’s broadcasting career began at her local TV and radio station BBC Northern Ireland before moving on to Ulster Television and then across the water to ITN in London.  She was appointed Ireland Correspondent when Sky News began in 1988 which meant she returned to Northern Ireland during a turbulent period in The Troubles. She reported on the violence of bombings and shootings as well as political and economic progress north and south of the Irish border.  Reuters were soon attracted to Maxine’s phenomenal broadcasting skills offering her a two year spell in Tokyo as the Asian News Editor for Reuters TV. It was there that she covered the assassination of Rajiv Ghandi, elections in India, Pakistan and Malaysia and the first Asian Games in China among many other major stories. She also reported from the Falkland Islands.  She then headed to the USA where she became Washington Correspondent for the British breakfast television station GMTV when it launched in October 1992 and reported from the United States for four years including coverage of the Waco siege, the Oklahoma Bomb, OJ Simpson and the Clinton Presidency.

On returning to the BBC in 1996 Maxine became a presenter on BBC World TV in London where she anchored single handed throughout the night when Princess Diana died. This was broadcast live across the world. Moving on to BBC News 24 (the BBC continuous new channel) when it launched she became one of the main presenters on BBC News. She also presented the BBC One national news bulletins at weekends and Dateline London, a live current affairs discussion programme for BBC World TV.

Maxine Mawhinney left the BBC in April 2017 and is now pursuing a freelance career in which she is speaking, hosting, chairing and facilitating at events around the UK and overseas. She is also writing, coaching and training individuals and teams for companies.  Maxine was heavily involved in the training of the next generation of journalists and broadcasters and also became the leading trainer of presenters and reporters for the BBC College of Journalism. She continues to deliver training to with other broadcasters throughout Europe and to blue chip organisations.  She has received several awards for her work including two from the American Committee for Excellence in Journalism and one from Lincoln University School of Journalism, USA, for foreign coverage of American affairs.


As the 20th anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales approaches on 31st August 2017 journalist Maxine Mawhinney reveals the unfolding story on the night of one of the biggest news stories in decades.
As the sole TV news anchor at the BBC in London Maxine broadcast to an audience across the world from the moment the first details of the car crash were known until the death was announced.

Ever wondered what it is like to be a top TV news anchor? Journalist and broadcaster Maxine Mawhinney takes you behind the scenes to show you want goes into making a BBC News programme.  See the studio from the other side, peek into the control gallery, try your hand at reading the autocue and have a go at interviewing. This is a fun hands-on talk with video and lots of audience interaction. An illustrated talk with video and Q&A

Journalist and broadcaster Maxine Mawhinney has had an amazing career which took her from the back streets of Belfast during the Troubles, all over the world as a foreign correspondent and to the top of the BBC as a senior TV news anchor.  She covered everything from bombs to Royal deaths and births and the presidency of Bill Clinton.
She worked in Belfast, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Washington DC.  She worked for Sky News, ITN, GMTV, Reuters BBC  But is such a glittering career path ever smooth?  Hear about the obstacles and choices and how her path over 40 years as a journalist was defined by a series of phone calls and the choices that they presented. Illustrated talk and Q&A



Booked By

International Womens Day, Disney, London 2017
Journofest 2017, London.
House of Lords,2016 conference on women
Irish International Business Network, 2015 and 2016
Karokinska Institute, Stockholm – 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
Janssen pharmaceuticals, Italy 2015
Coventry Storytelling Festival, 2015
Journalism Foundation, 2015
Mediacorp, Singapore, 2014

Conference facilitating and debates
International Women in Business Conference, Belfast 2014
Inenco Summer Utilities Conference 2017 (including panel debates)
Federation of Small Businesses pre-election conference and panel 2017
Janssen Pharma Conference, Baveno, Italy, 2015
European Parliament, London – pre Brexit conference 2016 (including panel debates)
European Parliament, London – post Brexit conference 2016 (including panel debates)
European Parliament, London – hosting Euro Election results night and debates.
Bullying in the Workplace Conference, London. – media industry wide debate on the challenges of bullying.
BBC Women in News Conference – live conference and debate broadcast globally.
CBI Conference on Europe (including panel debates)
Institute of Directors, India, London conference and panel debates


TV & Radio

Sky News


“Maxine was a brilliant host for our  corporate event –  it was a refreshing change to have a strong female leading the day! From start to finish, Maxine ensured the event ran smoothly and to time. Her experience as a live TV news anchor shone through when she facilitated the expert panel debate, asking the questions that the audience were all thinking. The audience feedback has been glowing and we look forward to rebooking Maxine for future events. Thanks so much once again!”
Hollie Shenton, Inenco

“There was a real buzz in the room and everyone was thrilled to bits by your speech.’
Baroness May Blood

“Thank you so much we couldn’t have wished for a better or more inspirational session. Your talk was hugely appreciated by the audience.”
Fran Acheson, Event co-ordinator

“It was obvious how much the group enjoyed your speech. You inspired and made each person feel the most important in the room. The feedback was glowing. Thank you for being the perfect guest.”
James Porter, Journalism Foundation

“Thank you for bringing such dynamism to the panel discussion in particulare. You ensured this was one of the most appreciated sessions of our meeting.”
Martin Price, Janssen

“Maxine Mawhinney has hosted a number of events for the EU Parliament (European elections results night etc) and we have been absolutely delighted with her.  She comes with a glowing reputation as a BBC journalist and anchor and it is well earned. She has displayed at all times the probing journalistic instincts and absolute impartiality which would be expected of a senior BBC journalist. She is thorough, polite, professional and a pleasure to work with”
Riina Luik, EPIO.

“Maxine has the unique ability to engage the audience allowing them to feel part of the debate. She is also a genius at ensuring the debate flows, is comprehensible and relevant. She is a thoroughly delightful professional and one of the best brains in the business.”
Liesel Smith, FSB.

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