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What makes her story truly remarkable is that Deirdre Bounds is an entrepreneur in the purest sense: no commercial experience, no family history of enterprise and no money…just a great idea, a pile of passion, masses of mistakes and a sense of humour!

Deirdre Bounds has gone from bedsit to big time; from standing start to leading light; from ‘can do’ to ‘already done’.  She is a fine business speaker, a former comedienne and the founder of i-to-i travel.  She  never fails to enthuse and inspire with the infectious secret of her business and personal success.  Proclaimed by the Telegraph as having “the Northern grit and determination that represents the perfect role model for business”, this former comedienne, world backpacker, English teacher, outback bus driver, media pundit, author of ‘Fulfilled, A Personal Revolution in Seven Steps’ and mum of two is a down to earth visionary who set up the ethical travel company

What makes Deirdre’s story truly remarkable is that she’s an entrepreneur in the purest sense. She had no commercial experience, no family history of enterprise and no money; just a great idea, a pile of passion and a sense of humour!  She has lived a life that shows astonishing triumph over adversity and that dreams really can come true. She never fails to enthuse and inspire with the infectious secret of her business and personal success.   Today she is the founder of another ‘First’ GoCambio capturing the zeitgeist of people’s love of travel and social media, Deirdre founded a travel and educational sharing web platform which enables people to learn a language and experience exotic destinations like a local.


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An ethical entrepreneur, sharing economy expert, self-made multi-millionaire, Channel 4 TV presenter, best-selling author and inspirational event speaker, with so many achievements it’s no wonder Deirdre Bounds has a lot to say.

Proclaimed by the Telegraph as having the “Northern grit and determination which represents the perfect role model for business,” the former stand up-comedienne, world backpacker, English teacher, outback bus driver and mum of two Deirdre Bounds is the down-to-earth visionary who set up the responsible travel company, which became the world’s largest gap travel year company. She went from bedsit to exit in 10 years when it was acquired by TUI Travel PLC for an 8 figure sum.

Unlike many Speakers, Deirdre has actually been (and still is) on the front line of business. She’s an innovator as well as an exceptionally talented orator with the ability to empathise with the audience and to inspire change in people.  It is this first hand knowledge of international business allied with her understanding of the world and her down-to-earth wit which sets her apart from her peers and offers organisers and conference audiences something a little bit different, and more fulfilling, than your average business speaker.

A talented speaker with a down to earth quality, she was the leading light in C4’s Millionaire Mission in Uganda, appeared on Wife Swap with her American actor husband Bryan to boost her business profile in the early days and more recently presented The Real Price of Gold for C4’s Dispatches.


High Calibration Leadership – for visionaries with their feet on the ground
How do we as individuals lead our teams to survive in these very challenging times?  Is it really possible to get more done by doing less?  How do we set free creativity and energy in ourselves and others when pressure and fear surround us?  Why is it better for me and my business to ‘play to play’ rather ‘play to win’?  Why won’t customers and colleagues put up with corporate BS anymore?  In this talk, Deirdre looks at the new paradigm for Leadership in 2012, focussing on four areas; Integrity, Intention, Intuition & Banishing Resentments. As she says, ‘I just wish I knew all of this when I made massive mistakes leading my own company.’

The Accidental Millionaire – my entrepreneurial journey
Deirdre is ready to tell the whole story. How did a young girl from a tough Liverpool housing estate go to being a shoe machinery marketer, English teacher in Asia, global backpacker, outback bus driver, youth worker, stand up comedienne, wife and mother of two and finally a self made millionaire?  Deirdre’s story is thought provoking, human, very funny and provides key insights into success despite obstacles. This roller coaster ride will captivate any crowd and leave them feeling more connected to their own lives and energised to do something about it.

Other speeches include Success vs Fulfilment – why it’s important to have both ( the ultimate self improvement bone cruncher – your team and your business will never be the same again – guaranteed) A seven step programme for lasting fulfilment. Perfect for bringing teams together and focusing on our humanness as well as our goals.

My Story: From Bedsit to Exit – the inspirational story of and

Everybody has something to Share Why the Sharing Economy is shaking up traditional business and how you’d better be part of it.



Deirdre is a very amusing and energetic speaker. She has a great story to tell and is an inspiring and knowledgeable entrepreneur.
Michelle Storer, Ernst & Young

“On our feedback forms, Deirdre was rated the favourite speaker of the day, and it was a tough choice as the quality of speakers was extremely high. Our audience of events organisers and suppliers to the events industry are exacting, very hard to please, and not easy to impress. Deirdre’s presentation was absolutely inspiring, hugely engaging, directly relevant to the audience and most entertaining. She spoke honestly and openly about her experiences, gave us loads of ideas on how to be different and gave us affirmation that we were going in the right direction. You could just see the entire audience itching to get up and do something about their work and their lives about half way through the presentation. I think it goes without saying that Deirdre was utterly professional in her engagement with us, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs a keynote speaker of the highest calibre.”
Sarah Carroll: Conference Organisers Ireland



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