Cartoonist Bill Tidy MBE produces The Tidy Arms Limited Edition

To celebrate his 84th birthday, one Britain best loved cartoonists Bill Tidy decided to produce a limited edition incorporating some of what he calls his odd ball cartoon characters.  He has always wondered what would happen if all they ever got together so he created the party of all parties at the Tidy Arms.  He has so many characters he couldn’t get them all in but that’s OK because he is going to organise another Tidy Arms limited edition to celebrate his 85th birthday in October 2018. Those who did make it on to the canvas include The Cloggies (Private Eye), his tough as old boots folk dance league champions, who danced and made merry hell throughout the afternoon. The Fosdyke Saga family members (Daily Mirror) are included too with Sir Josh, the scion of Tripe and his arch enemy the dastardly Roger Ditchley grudgingly sitting side by side. Even the Red Baron made it, turning up fresh from enjoying his WW1 aerial duels with Josh’s son Tom. St Francis arrived with his robin, and Noah brought along all his animals. As you will see he is still continuing to ignore his son;s advice about sending a dove. The mighty Kegbuster of CAMRA fame turned up to check on the quality of the beer and of course the most famous Polar Bear of all from Bill’s famous Cunard cartoon and yes he was still asking for news of the iceberg. As Bill says there are too many to mention but he hope you will enjoy seeing who else you can spot in the melee.  With only 150 in this particular full colour limited edition print they are selling fact and they are priced at £750 plus P&P. The can be bought via Tidy Management or on line at Bill is also selling some of his archive which includes black and white, and colour cartoons, and some of his Fosdyke Saga and Cloggies cartoon strips.