The Baroness Newlove

Tidy Management is delighted to announce , The Baroness Newlove, Helen Newlove, has joined the Tidy Management stable. An impressive speaker and instantly recognisable media contributor Helen’s fell apart on 12 August 2007. This was the day when husband Gary was kicked to death by a bunch of thugs on their doorstep. Since that day she has tirelessly campaigned, lobbying for improved support for victims of crime.

The Parliamentary peer, campaigner and former Victims’ Commissioner Helen has also devoted her time to fighting the UK’s binge-drinking culture and anti-social behaviour.  She also continues to push for tougher sentences for those criminals who destroy other people’s lives.

In 2010 after the announcement that she was to enter the House of Lords, Helen commented that she was just an ordinary woman. That the only reason she had been propelled into high profile was by a set of horrifying circumstances. Circumstances she wished with all her heart had never occurred”.

She was then appointed Victims’ Commissioner of England and Wales in 2012, a role she held until May 31 this year.

Since stepping down as Victims’ Commissioner in 2019 Baroness Newlove has vowed to continue to fight against anti-social behaviour.  Likewise she still campaigning for more rights for the victims of crime.

She has also been appointed as a patron for the organisation Resolve. As part of her new role will help to raise awareness of anti-social behaviour. Another part of her role is to push for government action to protect victims and communities

Finally she is the Pro Vice Chancellor of Bolton University, a post she took up in Oct 2019.

For all speaking, publishing and media inquiries please contact [email protected] or call +44 (0) 7970 646872

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